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Group Background

Golyan Group founded by Late Shri Ganpat Rai Golyan in 1931 andexpanded by his son Late Shri Sohanlal Golyan, who established several industries and Import, Export & trading companies in many countries including India, Burma (Maynamar), Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Italy, UK, Nepal & USA.

There has been constant growth over the years and new industries & business have been added and presently the group has consolidated its operations and reorganized and concentrates in India and Nepal.

The annual turnover of the Group Companies and its associates presently is over US$150 million.

The operations in India are being managed by Mahabir Prasad Golyan and Krishan Kumar Golyan, whereas the Nepal operations are being managed by Basu Dev Golyan, Pawan Kumar Golyan & Shakti Golyan.

The Indian side of the Group and its associates are having several industries like Nulon Specialty Lubricants and Greases, Steel mills, Sponge iron and Garments. Besides Industries, the Group has a trading company for Import, Export and trading activities in metal Scrap and other commodities.

The Nepal side of the Group and its associates are having several industries like the Spinning mill, HDPE Woven fabrics and sacks, Pasmina Sweaters and Shawls and Garments, Steel Mills etc and also are actively involved in import, export and trading of several items including Silk Yarn, Wool, commodities and other items.