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Nulon Automagic Car Care Set
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Nulon Automagic Car Care Set

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Product Description:
Nulons Automagic Car Care Set is a carefully and consciously selected set of products that are aimed to provide the best protection to vehicles. Keeping in mind the rough road conditions that vehicles in India need to withstand, Nulon has designed this special car care set that is not only user-friendly and offers ease of application, but also assures professional quality when it comes to securing the vehicles from negative elements.

The professionally curated Automagic Car Care set includes the following items:

Tyre Dresser: 250 ml:
This advanced formula forms a protective layer over the tyres preventing any damage to it. It also successfully removes stubborn grime and dust, which accumulate in tyre grooves keeping them in good condition. This formula gives the tyres a glossy finish ensuring both functionality and aesthetics are enhanced.

Scratch and Swirl Remover: 250 ml:
This innovative formula is effective when it comes to removal of minor scratches, swirl marks and other imperfections that hamper with the aesthetics and over all look of the vehicle. It actively forms a smooth protective layer on the surface of the vehicle, thus yielding long term results. The carefully balanced formula prevents any damage to paintwork making it safe and reliable.

Cleaner Wax: 250 ml:
This is a specially created formula that has been ensures a glossy and new-like shine to the vehicle. Being a completely non-abrasive formula, it prevents any form damage to paintwork while lending the vehicle a long lasting shine

Interior Cleaner and Vinyl-Plastic-Rubber: 250 ml:
This advanced and water resistant formula is supremely effective in cleaning and clearing interior vinyl-plastic-rubber surfaces. This innovative and easy to use formula works effectively towards creating a protective layer that shields the interiors from the damages caused by exposure to UV rays. The non-glare finish of the formula makes sure the original look and feel of the interiors are not altered and remain intact.

Car wash: 500 ml:
This specially created formula is deigned to be gentle on the paint but effective and strong when ridding the car of dirt assuring a sparkling exterior that makes the car look as good as new. The carefully balanced composition of powerful cleaning agents is highly effective in removing dirt and reducing water spotting.

Glass Cleaner - Spray: 500 ml:
This is a quick acting formula that actively works towards removing dirt and eliminating stubborn smudges that cannot be easily removed with soap and water. The advanced formula used in this cleaner forms a protective layer that repels dust particles to ensure a clear and clean glass.

Wash MITT:
Double sided microfiber mitt chenille tufts enables you to give your car that professionally detailed finish.