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Nulon DiesoLIFT  (Car, Truck, Bus, Ship, Generator)
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Nulon DiesoLIFT (Car, Truck, Bus, Ship, Generator)



Every year, companies world over take new and expensive measures in order to discover ways to boost their bottom line by improving efficiency.

In its pursuit for perfection, Nulon India has collaborated with International Fuel Technology, USA a global leader in the field of fuel science development. Through this collaboration, Nulon is equipped to offer advanced and cost-effective energy solutions that provide more power through improved efficiency.

Nulon DiesoLift is an advanced fuel additive that aids the vehicle to the deliver a stellar performance. It offers a significant increase in the efficacy of engines and machines ensuring the consumer benefits greatly from its versatile nature that has a broad array of applications.

In addition to greater fuel efficiency, the formulations have been proven to boost engine performance, prolong engine life, and significantly reduce emissions that are harmful to the environment.

Try Nulon DiesoLift and observe peak performance, environmental benefits, and most importantly a better bottom line.


Most conventional fuel additives are predominantly hydrocarbon based and derived from petroleum sources while Nulon’s revolutionary formulations rely entirely upon unique natural product based surfactant physical chemistry.

When Nulon DiesoLift diesel additives are blended with diesel the composition and make-up of the finished fuel are positively enhanced without affecting the fuel’s standard specifications. The improved combustion, added lubricity and detergency of the fuel enhanced with additives are proven to deliver the following benefits:

  1. Substantial output-per-litre increase
  2. Enhanced overall performance
  3. Cleaner engine and parts
  4. Longer engine life
  5. Reduced harmful emissions and black smoke

Nulon DiesoLift has a broad range of end uses, ranging from marine, land transportation, railways to stationary power generators etc. which means the product can be used for any application where Diesel is used as fuel.

The efficacy of Nulon’s fuel additives have been repeatedly confirmed through tests conducted at many independent performance laboratories, including the world-renowned Southwest Research Institute in the United States and Pro-Drive Testing Facilities in the United Kingdom.

View all the comprehensive studies and the test results at www.internationalfuel.com.

Surfactants (surface active agents) are a class of chemical compounds which share properties of soaps and detergents. Their main characteristic is that their chemical structures that contain regions which have affinities for different chemical environments.

For instance, the oleophobic region of the molecule does not want to be in an oily environment, while the oleophilic region of the molecule has an affinity towards oily environments. Due to their inherent characteristic of having dual-affinity, surfactants align themselves in a manner so that each region of their structure is in its preferred chemical environment. This means that surfactants often settle in boundaries or interfaces between different chemical environments or phases. When surfactant molecules are present in a mass of hydrocarbon fuel, they align themselves with their oleophobic (polar) regions together, with their oleophilic hydrocarbon portion pointing out into the mass of hydrocarbon fuel. The stable structure formed is called a micelle.

The dual affinity characteristics of surfactants account for many of the beneficial effects of Nulon’s fuel enhancing additive formulations, including reduced surface tension. The overall reduced surface tension in the fuel leads to greater: