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Nulon M-10 Engine Flush - 50 ml (For all Motorcycles & Scooters)
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Nulon M-10 Engine Flush - 50 ml (For all Motorcycles & Scooters)

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Product Description:

M-10 engine flush is a specially designed formula that removes accumulated deposits from internal parts of the engine. It can successfully and effectively dissolve all types of oil-soluble and oil-insoluble residue from the valves and piston rings ensuring that the engine oil can easily flow to the deepest and remotest parts of the engine.


Unmatched Benefits:

Eliminates harmful deposits in engine such as varnish, sludge and grime.

Ensures optimum circulation of engine oil enabling an improved engine performance.



For all Motorcycles & Scooters: One 50 ml can at every service

Direction For Use:-

Ensure engine is switched off.

Add entire content of can to the exiting/used oil in the engine.

Start engine and run at idle RPM for 1 minutes

Stop engine, immediately drain oil & remove oil filter.

Install new oil filter & re-fill new engine oil as recommended by OEM.

For maximum engine protection add Nulon E-25 Super Engine Treatment after adding fresh Engine oil.