About Us

Nulon India prides in being a superior manufacturer of high performance lubricants since 1987. With more than two decades of experience, the brand stands for a promise of quality and satisfaction. In collaboration with Nulon Products Pvt Ltd from Australia, Nulon India was incepted.

The onset of the company’s journey in India was marked by the setting up of a state-of-the-art factory that manufactured speciality lubricants catering to the automobile and industrial segment. The core products at the initial phase included oil additives and special greases. As the operations of the factory grew larger, the company collaborated with International Fuel Technology Inc. USA. And expanded the product range to include fuel additives for petrol and diesel. With steady growth resulting from the company’s dedication towards the pursuit of excellence, the brand has gained momentum and now takes pride in the well-established all India network that Nulon India has.

The key and premium products that Nulon India prides itself are in the following categories:

Engine Treatment: Recommended for two-wheelers, cars, trucks & buses, generators & industrial engines. This superior treatment, coats the internal parts of the engine with a 0.5 micron thin film of activated PTFE that effectively aids in preventing friction, thus protecting the engine and eliminating friction to near zero levels.

Gear Box and Differential Treatment: Recommended for two-wheelers, cars, trucks & buses, generators & industrial engines

High Performance PTFE based Multipurpose Grease

Fuel Additives for Petrol and Diesel application

With continued efforts towards delivering nothing but the best, Nulon India has built deep relationships and offers dependable source of quality lubricants to over five million satisfied customers in India. Apart from the domestic clientele, the company also has a strong reputation and a loyal customer base in United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Japan.