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Do Nulon products cause any harm to the engine?

No, there is no detrimental impact that it leaves on the engine.

What is the cost benefit of using Nulon products?

It costs less than Rs.0.03 Paisa per K.M and saves much more in fuel making it a very cost effective choice.

Does one need to visit a workshop to successfully apply the product?

No, Nulon product pride in being completely user friendly. These products can be easily applied by individuals without having to visit any workshop.

How long does it take before Nulon products start showing benefits after application?

The product starts working effectively, immediately after application if the applied in keeping with the directions given for application of the product. Keep in mind that the product needs to be applied when the engine is at normal operating temperature.

Can Nulon Engine Treatment be separated from engine oil after being added?

No, Nulon Engine Treatment cannot be separated once added to engine oil. This product is formulated by blending in special additives in a carrier oil. When this lubricant is added to the engine oil, it forms a homogeneous mixture as both oils merge together completely.

Can Nulon Engine Treatment result in clutch slip in a 4-stroke scooter / motorcycle

No, there is no possibility of clutch slip due to the addition of Nulon engine treatment. A wet clutch plate is used in all 4 stroke scooters / motorcycles and engine oil is necessary to provide lubrication. When a four stroke scooter/motorcycle engine is treated with Nulon, a thin film of 0.5 micron is formed on the all the moving parts where the engine oil circulates. This aids in preventing damages caused by friction without interfering in any other required functions of scooter / motorcycle.

Do I have to add Nulon products with every oil change?

No, this is not required. Nulon products stay effective for either 6 months after application or till a run capacity of 15,000 kilometres is achieved. Oil change should happen as per the service schedule of the vehicle manufacturer and will not cause any hindrance to the efficacy of Nulon products.

What is the life of a Nulon product post application / How often does one need to apply Nulon products to the engine?

Nulon products remain effective for a duration of 6 months or a run capacity of 15,000 kilometres from the date of application, whichever lapses earlier. The benefits continue through this period irrespective of oil change.

How do Nulon products work?

Products available at Nulon are made from superior quality ingredients and activated PTFE that forms a thin film of 0.5 micron over the metal parts of the engine. This protective layer of PTFE prevents friction and its damaging consequences.

Why should I use Nulon?

Nulon products are superior in quality and offer multiple benefits inclusive of increased power and engine performance, better fuel economy, reduced noise and vibration. The Engine Oil forms a protective film over the metal parts in an engine, ensuring near zero levels of friction, thus preserving the parts of the engine so that gives its best performance.